CEO: Berhard Hofer
CSO: Lukas Huber

Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine GmbH
Karl-Kapferer-Straße 5 III
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Tel. +43-512-576523-0
Fax. +43-512-576523-303

Oncotyrol – Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine – is an international partnership between academia and industry, set up to accelerate the development and evaluation of individualized cancer therapies, together with diagnostic, prognostic and preventive tools. Oncotyrol was established in 2008 as part of the structural program COMET which is an initiative of several Austrian Federal Government Ministries and is funded by national and regional resources, approximately 50% each. The main scientific contribution comes from the three Tyrolean universities – the Innsbruck Medical University, the Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck as well as the Private University for Health and Life Sciences UMIT in Hall. They work together with international universities such as the Harvard Medical School and the LMU (Ludwig Maximilian‘s University) in Munich. In total, Oncotyrol comprises 21 academic workgroups. On the industrial side, 18 small- end medium sized enterprises are involved as well as 10 internationally positioned companies, such as Roche, Novartis, Amgen, Fresenius, Schering-Plough, and Janssen-Cilag. Oncotyrol is the product of a continuous strategic development to establish Innsbruck as a top location for cancer research. The first step in this direction was the approval of the Special Research Program SFB021 „Cell Proliferation and Cell Death in Tumors“ in 2003. It combined and strengthened the local resources in basic oncology research. In 2005, the international graduate program for „Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology“ (MCBO) was established, also the industrial competence center of Medicine (KMT) in Innsbruck was positively evaluated and so went into its second phase. Further important steps in this build-up phase were the coordination of national and international cooperative research projects by members of the SFB021. Among these were the Austrian Proteomics Platform, part of the Austrian Genome Program GEN-AU, which is now in its third term, and the European Network GROWTHSTOP. 2005 was also the year in which the Biocenter was founded and, one year later, the First Clinical Trial Center in Austria was established at the Medical University. Fueled by the SFB and the basic research done in the Biocenter, Innsbruck had become a well recognized and internationally visible cancer research center, which was accompanied by excellent clinical oncological experience and a close network of local life science enterprises.

At this time, the oncology research community realized that many of their scientific projects had matured and left the realm of basic research. However, they were not advanced enough to be brought to market or sold to industry. A gap had opened up, i.e. the lack of  funding for applied cancer research. At the same time it became clear that cancer medicine was heading more and more towards personalized approaches. This was the birth of Oncotyrol as an incubator structure for applied and personalized cancer research. Oncotyrol fills now the gap between basic research and commercial development and it involves the collaboration of clinics, basic research groups, local enterprises and international companies.