Project Grantee Funding agency
START-Prize: Regulation of ESCRT mediated cell surface remodeling David Teis FWF
ESCRT mediated cell surface remodeling during tumorigenesis David Teis FWF
Molecular Mechansims of ESCRT regulation David Teis HFSP
Identification and characterization of TIS7 as a novel regulatory subunit of the methylosome complex in muscle differentiation. Ilja Vietor FWF
Rolle der TIS/SKMc14-Gene in Regeneration Ilja Vietor FWF
Biognosis Lukas Huber EU-FP6
MCBO Subprogramme: Analysis of the gene networks downstream of late endosomal MAP kinase signaling in p14 knockout cells/mice AND Generation and characterization of MyoVb deficient mice Lukas Huber FWF
Growthstop (Identification, development and validation of novel therapeutics targeting programmed cell death in tumors) Lukas Huber EU-FP6
Cell Proliferation and Cell Death in Tumors (SFB 021-01) Lukas Huber FWF
Räumliche-zeitliche Regulation of MAP-Kinase Signalen (SFB 021-02) Lukas Huber FWF
Oncotyrol 1.2 - Screening for MAP Kinase scaffold inhibitors for proliferative and inflammatory diseases Lukas Huber Oncotyrol/FFG
MAPK Signaling Lukas Huber EU-FP5
Protein-protein interaction as drug target - training network for exploitation (Train-Exploit) Lukas Huber FFG
Transportwege nukleärer Rezeptortyrosinkinasen Lukas Huber TWF
Influenza A and its oncolytic potential in multiple myeloma Simon Scheiter TWF
Eine neue Funktion von p14 in der angeborenen Immunität Nicole Taub TWF
Epigenetische Regulation im Immunsystem Nikolaos Yannoutsos TWF