Expression Profiling Unit
Head: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kofler

DNA microarray analyses allow simultaneous monitoring of genome-wide transcriptional responses activated by individual or complex signals. It represents the current state-of-the-art technology for a number of biologic questions such as identification of individual differentially expressed genes in the entire genome (“candidate gene search”) or complex expression profiles and regulatory networks to classify biologic entities or predict responses (e.g., by “cluster analyses”). The Expression Profiling Unit of the Medical University Innsbruck offers gene expression profiling as a service to members of the Innsbruck University and other qualified users (please inquire for details). We use the newest version of the Affymetrix System allowing analysis of all commercially available Affymetrix chips including the high density arrays of the 2.0 series. Usually 3-5µg total RNA is provided by the user, but lower amounts, i.e., 100-1000ng may be processed upon request. Assessment of RNA quantity and integrity by OD measurements and “Agilent lab-on-a-chip” technology is included in our service. We further provide expression values for all probe sets after current state-of-the art data normalization and tables of differentially expressed genes if applicable Bioinformatic support of data from the Expression Profiling Unit of the Medical University Innsbruck is provided by the Applied Bioinformatics Group (