Project Grantee Funding agency
Therapy of ischemia lesions in systemic sclerosis Roswitha Gruber-Sgonc FWF
Endothelzell-Autoantigene in der systemischen Sklerose Roswitha Gruber-Sgonc FWF
MOLSTROKE Molecular basis of vascular events leading to thrombotic stroke Georg Wick EU-FP6
EVGN (European Vascular Genomics Network) Georg Wick EU-FP6
ECIBUG (European Initiative to fight Chlamydial Infections using Unibiased Genomics) Georg Wick Era-NET PathoGenoMics
Immunität gegen HSP60 bei beginnender Atherosklerose Georg Wick FWF
TOLERAGE (Tolerance and Age) Georg Wick EU-FP7