Project Grantee Funding agency
Analysis of functional miR-17-92-Bim interactions in B cell lymphomas Katia Schöler ÖAW
The role of glucocorticoids in intratumoral regulatory T cells Lourdes Rocamora-Reverte Österr. Krebshilfe Tirol
Die Entschlüsselung der Funktion der miR-15-Familie Sebastian Herzog FWF
Molekulare Regulation des miR-17.92 clusters Sebastian Herzog FWF
Investigating the regulation of MCL1 protein turnover and its relevance for cancer treatment Luca Fava Autonome Provinz Bozen - Südtirol
Cell death control on extended mitotic arrest Andreas Villunger FWF
New insights into Bcl2 family: from biophysics to function Andreas Villunger FWF
Identifikation von PIDDosom-Aktivatoren für die Krebstherapie Andreas Villunger FWF
Die Rolle von Glukokortikoid-Hormone in der B-Zell Entwicklung und Funktion Lourdes Rocamora-Reverte TWF
Manipulating miRNA-target interactions in lymphomas Verena Labi Ingrid Shaker Nessmann Stiftung
Molecular Mechanisms of MIR-17-92-Driven B Lymphomagenesis Verena Labi Österr. Krebshilfe Tirol
Regulation of NOXA stability during the cell cycle and antimitotic treatment Manuel Haschka ÖAW
Caspase-2 in cell death induced by polyploidization Luca Fava MUI START
GC production in the thymus and its influence on T cell development Lourdes Rocamora Reverte MUI START
MCL1 degradation upon extended mitotic arrest Luca Fava Österr. Krebshilfe Tirol
Molecular Regulation of the Oncogenic miR-17-92 Cluster Sebastian Herzog Österr. Krebshilfe Tirol
Testing Bim as a functional target of miR-17-92 Verena Labi TWF
Systematic analysis of the miR-26 family in lymphocyte development and cancer Sebastian Herzog TWF
The role of checkpoint kinase 1(Chk1) in normal hematopoiesis and myc-driven transformation Fabian Schuler ÖAW
PIDDosome in cancer Andreas Villunger FWF
New insights into Bcl-2 family interactions from biophysics to function Andreas Villunger FWF
Mechanismen des A1/Bfl-1 unterdrückten Zelltods Andreas Villunger FWF
Glucocorticoids and regulatory T cells Jan Wiegers FWF
Die Rolle von BH3 Proteinen in der B Zell Homöotase Andreas Villunger FWF
PDCD5, a novel negative regulator of autophagy Florian Bock TFW
The role of caspase-2 in lymphomagenesis Lukas Peintner ÖAW
Regulation of B cell development by long non-coding RNAs Sebastian Herzog MUI-START
Bcl-2 family Selma Tuzlak ÖAW
Impact of survival factors on Treg cell induction and function in vitro and murine autoimmune disease models Denise Tischner D. Swarovski Förderungsfonds
Role of the prosurvival BcL-2 family protein A1 in T cell homeostasis and autoimmune disease Denise Tischner MUI-Start
The role of BH3-only proteins in B cell development Claudia Wöss ÖAW
The role of the PIDDosome in B cell lymphomagenesis Claudia Manzl D. Swarovski Förderungsfonds
A new Role of Caspase-2: partial rescue of p53 X-linked embryonic lethality by caspase-2 null mutation Claudia Manzl MUI-Start
Caspase Aktivierung nach langfristigen M-Arrest Lucas Fava TWF
START-Prize: Evaluation of the target potential of Bim, Bmf and PUMA/bbc3 and their role in physiology and disease Andreas Villunger FWF
MCBO (Molecular Cell Biology Oncology) Subprogramme: Elucidation of the physiological role of the Bcl-2 pro-survival homologue A1 Andreas Villunger FWF
Analysis of Bmf, a pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member, in cell death and tumorgenesis Andreas Villunger Assoc. Inter. Cancer Res., St. Andrews
Apoptose-Signale reguliert bei Bcl-2 rheostat (SFB 021-10) Andreas Villunger FWF
Cell death: from basic principles to therapeutic application Andreas Villunger EU-FP6
Investigating redundancies and specificities in cell death signaling mediated by the two BH3-only proteins Bim and Bmf Verena Labi TWF
PIDD in p53-vermittelter Apoptose und Therapieresistenz Claudia Manzl TWF