Protein Core Facility
Head: Prof. Herbert Lindner

The protein facility established at Innsbruck Medical University is dedicated to provide investigators with equipment, expertise and custom services for the detection, characterization and quantification of proteins and peptides on a recharge basis.

The facility maintains a suite of state of the art instrumentation including a Q Exactive HF (ThermoScientific), a Hybrid FT-Mass Spectrometer LTQ Orbitrap XL (ThermoScientific), an LTQ VELOS (ThermoScientific), a Procise 492 Protein Sequencer (Applied Biosystems), LC-Gradient Systems UltiMate 3000 XRS and UltiMate 3000 RSLC Nano (Dionex). Various Capillary Electrophoresis and HPLC Systems and, in addition, a Solaar M6 Dual Zeeman Spectrometer (ThermoScientific) for trace element analysis are operated in the facility.