Institute of Cell Biology
Head: Lukas A. Huber

We study molecular mechanisms that control the functional organization of living cells using a combination of different genetic model systems, microscopy and proteomics. Our division provides an international and dynamic research environment for Master, PhD students as well as PostDocs. We are embedded within the FWF funded special research program SFB021 "Cell Proliferation and Cell Death in Tumors" and the international PhD program MCBO (Molecular Cell Biology and Oncology). We participate in and coordinate several EU projects and programs of the Austrian Genome Program (GEN-AU).

Group Huber

Signal Transduction and Proteomics

We would like to understand how specific cell fate decisions are made by using a pool of very similar kinases within MAPK signalling pathways. more... 

Group Vietor

Cell Differentiation

The interplay between cell proliferation and differentiation controls not only development but also regeneration. We study the regulatory mechanisms of these processes. more... 

Group Teis

Membrane Traffic and Signaling

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that coordinate membrane protein degradation and cell signaling.  more...