The development of resistance to cancer therapy is one of the most frequent reasons for the failure of anti-cancer treatments. Therapy resistance is linked to tumor-recurrence and has devastating consequences for the clinical outcome of the individual patient and causes increased costs for public health systems. The understanding of mechanisms of resistance-formation and the development of strategies directed towards the re-sensitization of resistant tumor cells to cancer therapy represents one of the most important challenges to modern cancer research. P-CARE will strengthen the collaboration between Italian and Austrian research institutes in the areas of genetics, biotechnology and the cancer clinics and generate a technical platform to investigate mechanism of therapy resistance formation, aiming to increase the efficacy of therapeutic treatments. The project will develop a shared platform for the identification of drugs capable to re-sensitize resistant tumors to conventional oncologic treatments by the repositioning of drugs already approved for the treatment of other pathologies. Further, P-CARE will implement strategies of precision medicine aiming to overcome resistance to anti-cancer immunotherapy by reproducing the immune response of the tumor-microenvironment in vitro. P-CARE will build an efficient trans-border network for sharing technology and knowledge that will be made accessible for academic and clinical cancer research in and outside the program area.

For further inform see www.p-care.eu

P-Care is a project funded by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V-A Italia-Austria 2014-2020 . The consortium consists of ADSI (Austrian Drug Screening Institute), MUI (Medical University of Innsbruck), SABES (Medical Supplies Enterprise of South Tyrol), UNITS (University of Triest).